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The Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy

The Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy is a scientific journal based in Norway with a Nordic Board of editors. The journal is published by Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, in collaboration with the Norwegian Network for IT-research and Competence in Education.

Call for papers ITU, Oslo university hereby invite you to a two days mini conference/workshop about computer games and learning 21.-22. April. David Shaffer is keynote speaker for the event. The first day will be an open conference, and the second day a workshop on the theme Games and Learning. Based on the workshop we will produce a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Digital Kompetanse/Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy.
Papers should be electronically submitted in PDF to, no later than March 15th.

The vision of the journal is to establish a new channel for cross-disciplinary scientific work on the broad subject field of digital literacy. Most Nordic countries is integrating an awareness of digital literacy into broader curriculum and policy documents these days, and the journal will fill a gap between the scientific communities as well as contributing to the policy- and curriculum makers´ understanding of the deeper layers in the concept. In short the journal will work as a starting point to coin a new academic discipline in the Nordic region.Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy will mainly post articles in the Scandinavian languages, but also aims to reach an English speaking audience.

The editoral office is always available for submisson of articles and other written texts, which will be reviewed and if preferable peer-reviewed. The journal does not consider manuscripts for publication if they have already been reported elsewhere. The prefered way of submisson is by e-mail with attached documents in MS Word-format (.doc) or Rich Text –format (.rtf). Please send contributions to the following e-mail adress:

Please consider the following guidelines when formatting the submitted text: Scientific articles intended for peer-review should not exceed the absolute maximum of 40 000 characters, including spaces and paragraph marks. Kindly state the number of characters at the end of the document.

The coverpage should include the author(s) full name, year of birht, address, phonenumber, faxnumber and e-mail address. Please state your title and work position as well. Following this, the cover-letter should contain the title of the article, an abstract containing 50-80 words and three to four keywords.

Please do only use endnotes, instead of footnotes. Cited references follows standard APA 5- style, both within the text and in the list of references.

The relevance of scientific articles intended for peer-revirew are decided by the editorial office. The peer-review process is conducted by external consultants. Suggestions for alterations is sent to the author for final approval.

Other kind of written texts will be reviewed by the editoral office.


Consists of:

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